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Kollel of Los Angeles is proud to have a part in the establishment and growth of many of the Torah institutions of Los Angeles today.
Kollel members and alumni continue to spread their wings to develop and perpetuate Torah-true learning in our community.

Enjoy this guide to the Los Angeles Orthodox Jewish community- to be frum in LA is not the task of yesteryear!

The main purpose of the Adas Yisroel Directory is for the unity and benefit of the community.


We are all one community.
This is why we feature other Torah institutions on our front cover every edition.
The Directory has been cherished for years by many members of the Los Angeles Jewish community, who like to keep the book handy. The Adas Yellow Pages are organized alphabetically by category.
Where else can you so easily find a heimishe business? But we are not exclusive to members of the Jewish community. We strive to also feature neighborhood businesses who can provide valuable goods and services to the community. That's why you will find banks, supermarkets, car rental agencies, dry cleaners, you name it... and we are always adding new categories which we think will be useful for our community members.

Do you have a business or service that would benefit
members of the Los Angeles Jewish community?

Consider advertising here. It's a win-win situation for all of us.
Support Torah and grow your business!

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Adas Yisroel Directory also features BLUE PAGES

find LA dayschools, yeshivas, shuls, gemachim, davening times, hospitals, places of interest, and much more!



You don't have to be in LA to benefit from the Adas Yisroel Directory and Guide.
Many of our advertisers can serve people outside our community.
Coming to visit? Considering a move here? Have relatives or friends in Los Angeles, and seek a local service or product?
Send a kosher gift basket, a kosher food order.... plan a meal or meeting at a Los Angeles area kosher restaurant, or even an event!
Hire a professional; get a realtor; shop for Judaica; get a sofer stam; a baby gift; get merchant services; shop a Jewish store, and much much more.
Some businesses and services such as musicians, mohalim, caterers, will travel to you!
Others provide online, phone, and/or mail-order services.


Adas Yisroel offers a taste of Frum LA
The Directory provides a guide to the always growing frum community of Los Angeles,
particularly to businesses and institutions that support Torah and a Kosher lifestyle.
The ever-expanding yellow pages feature local services and professionals in many fields.
Check out LA's kosher restaurants, kosher pizza, kosher bakeries, and so much more...


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